AMD Price YoYos

Hammer Price Cuts

The Inquirer says AMD will be cutting Hammer prices now, and increasing XP prices shortly thereafter.

Based on the yen prices shown on the Japanese website, all AMD is doing is pushing up by a few weeks the price cuts they would have made after Intel’s expected price cuts in late August to now.

If you want to know what the prices will end up being shortly elsewhere in the world, just look at the prices in the “August 22” column in this article.

Is This A Big Deal?

If you planned on buying an Athlon64 3000+ or better in the next day or two, why, yes, this is a big deal. Wait a few more days and save yourself 20-30%.

Otherwise, no. AMD has had these price cuts pushups more than a couple times in the last couple years. It doesn’t mean they’re abandoning their price parity policy with Intel or anything like that.

XP Price Increases

As has been indicated a number of times from a number of places the last number of days, AMD plans on increasing XP prices.

We can’t help you there on how much that will be, but unless you like paying more for the same thing, well, if you can’t figure out what to do, maybe you’re the type who needs the “Warning – Contents may be hot.” wording on a cup of coffee, or others like it. 🙂


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