Blue Orb

Ed, my name is Royce, and I didn’t fall off of a turnip truck yesterday.

I have been reading all of these brag stories about the Blue Orb and how great that it is.

(ED. note: Not from us, but I know what you’re talking about. There’s an Orb Obsession out there.)

I have a different story. I ordered one and after receiving it, I gave it a carefull inspection.

I found that it will not fit the chipset on my Asus A7V board, nor will it fit on my Asus Geforce 256 DDR video card.

There is a capacitor in the way on the video card, and spacing of the mounting holes on the Orb is about 1/8 of an inch short. It’s the same on the motherboard if you try to mount it on the chipset; there’s a cap in the way there, too, and the hole spacing is the same as on the video card.

I had to file and then lap the bottom of the Orb because it was concave. It is two-piece interference fit and that is going to be detrimental to the conduction of heat.

I finally made it work on my chipset by filing and lapping and chopping two fins out of the way to clear room for a capacitor on the motherboard, then gluing it on with RTV after applying Arctic silver paste.

I just thought i would pass on my experience with the Blue Orb. I have been useing the Tennmax coolers for sometime now. They work quite well and you don’t have to chop them up to make them work.

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