cC0 Celeron Report

I am so happy this evening with my new upgrade that I wanted to share it
with you and the readers.

I don’t know if you have already seen them in the US, by here in France we
have got the first batches of Celeron 600 with the new cC0 core stepping,
and they overclock like hell. As I was told that they may easily reach 1GHz,
I hurried to order one of these gems from a well-known online store in my
country ( which advertized they got a batch of 40 of them.

I was lucky to receive mine today, and it overclocked like a dream 🙂
900MHz (FSB 100) at default 1.7V (new voltage if I’m right, the previous
stepping was at 1.5V, wasn’t it? Yes), 1008MHz (FSB 112) stable at 1.9V,
and it could surely go higher, I will try later.

All that with an older MSI 6163 v1.0 motherboard (which is completely
confused by the processor type it shows on boot),
Abit SlotketIII adapter and Golden Orb.

The processor itself is a SL4PB from Malay, batch Q039A149. I have entered
it in the database (the first cC0 I guess).

All in all, a really nice upgrade, and a 1GHz dream come true.

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