CES 2014: Cooler Master Shows Off New Cases, Fans, Heatsinks & More

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When you make nearly everything under the sun, there are bound to be some new products to announce for 2014? In the case of Cooler Master, there were plenty of new goodies on display at their suite including cases, fans, coolers and more.


First up was the smallest case on display, the Elite 110. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, this chassis holds standard ATX power supplies and 120mm radiators. Not bad for a mini-ITX enclosure! The power supply will protrude from the back of the case slightly, but not much further than wires normally would. Other features include:

  • Side and top vents and completely mesh front panel for better airflow
  • 1x 120 mm fan included in the front (up to 2x 80 mm fan on the side, not included)
  • 2x USB 3.0 slots
  • GPU support up to 210 mm
  • Support up to 3x HDD or 4x SSD

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Let’s move a step up the size ladder to the HAF XC “reversible” case, since it can be positioned either horizontally or vertically based on user preference. The entire side panel (or top panel depending on how you position it) is a window to showcase the hardware inside. Don’t worry about the Cooler Master logo on the front, that rotates too so the case looks perfect in either orientation. The power supply is actually located in a separate chamber, making cable management a breeze and really letting users show off their components to the max.

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Cooling Components

Like the name implies, Cooler Master had plenty of cooling toys on display. New fans include the Jetflo 120 mm x 38 mm, Jetflo 140 and Jetflo 200. All three are powered by advanced POM bearing technology, which is self-lubricating to increase durability and lifespan. Made of Polyoxymethylene, Cooler Master claims these fans are quieter and more reliable. The Jetflo 120 mm x 38 mm PWN fan is specifically designed for being used in water cooling setups. Unlike Delta screamers, the additional thickness provides enhanced static pressure without being noisy.

Jetflo 120 x 38 mm

Jetflo 140

The Hybridflo case fan is worth mentioning, even though we did not get a photo. Similar to the technology seen in the MSI ITX 760, Cooler Master has created hybrid axial and blower style fan. The fan pushes air in two directions, from the sides and standard exhaust. Cooler Master states the fans can be used with cases, radiators and coolers, so we’re interested to see if any notable cooling improvements are made using these instead of traditional fans.

On the CPU cooling front, Cooler Master showcased the new Nepton 120 and 140 AIO water coolers. Not much to note her except for the increased flowrate by using 13.7 mm tubing. Wider tubing leading to better cooling is probably a myth, but we expect a strong showing based on Cooler Master’s reputation in the industry.

Nepton 120

Nepton 240
Nepton 240

As for air cooling, Cooler Master did not disappoint. The brand new N520 II features dual 92mm offset fans, which was a trend we noticed with other manufacturers at CES as well. To help dissipate heat, the N520 II has direct contact copper heatpipes.

N520 II Heatsink
N520 II Heatsink

It did not stop there, Cooler Master had several other products on display including a new 80-plus platinum power supply and several gaming peripherals. Feel free to browse the slide show below to get a glimpse of these products. They even offer a keyboard switch tester, once you identify the switch you like, Cooler Master discounts your purchase by the cost of the tester. Not bad!

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Stay tuned for more CES 2014 recaps.

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Pretty cool. The HAF XC ain't grampa's old beige box (guess that includes me :D); the new lines are welcome in my opinion.

On the Nepton AIOs: I read a review last week, can't remember which web site, but they stacked up pretty well against a number of air and AIO style coolers. Will OCF be getting any to test out? This tech has come a long way in a few short years.

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What? No eighteen-wheeler sized Cooler Master Cosmos III case?

Damn, I guess im stuck with my old Cosmos II XD

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Feel free to browse the slide show below to get a glimpse of these products

Where's the link to this slide show?? I did find a link to the new CM cases, but I wanted to see more pics of the AIO units and fans...:(

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