CES 2019: Supermicro Shows Off Gaming Lineup and Workstation Motherboards

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In a first for Overclockers.com, we had a chance to visit Supermicro at CES 2019 and check out some of their gaming and workstation oriented hardware. Supermicro is better known in the server and data center space but has been making a strong push in the consumer market over the last few generations supplying Intel-based boards for the consumer gaming segment. We reviewed their C9Z390-PGW just a few weeks back in fact and were quite pleased with it overall.

SuperO offers a full range of boards for 8th and 9th generation Intel CPUs using both the Z390 and B360 chipsets. In the Mini-ITX segment is the C9Z390-CG-W and the Micro-ATX C7B2690-CB-M. All very capable options. In fact, SuperO owns the LN2 overclocking record with the i9 9900k at 7511.11 MHz on the C9Z390-PGW.

SuperO Motherboards

We also saw a large server case, the SYS 5049-I able to support E-ATX size boards, multiple GPUs, as well as having eight hot-swappable hard drives bays in the front. In the pictures, the board inside workstation case is the X11SPA-TF. It is able to support the full range of Intel Xeon scalable processors and has twelve DRAM slots capable of running up to a whopping 1.5TB of RAM.



Last, they had a really unique prototype ITX size modular case. The plan is to buy it barebones which includes their C9Z390-CG-IW motherboard inside then choose your CPU, and RAM, etc. to complete the build. SuperO believes most buyers would use integrated graphics but if not, it is expandable with an additional GPU module which replaces the side panel sliding in the same grooves. It will handle cards up to an RTX 2080 (size limitation). Since this is in the early stages, there wasn’t a mention of price or availability in the market.

ITX Prototype

Inside – OC Cool EIshbar Extreme 1U AIO

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– Joe Shields (Earthdog)


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  1. Is it me, or does there recently seem to be a lot more competition throughout the PC component market? It seems like everyone is getting in to everything now.
    Is it me, or does there recently seem to be a lot more competition throughout the PC component market? It seems like everyone is getting in to everything now.

    I was thinking the same thing.
    that itx case is clever as hell! having the gpu in the most optimum location a blower card could be in to stay cool. the side panel!!! simply ingenious, i can see that being copied to no end. might get a little loud but it should stay nice and cool never the less. how has that not been done yet?!
    I've actually seen a few cases like that. Even the Node 202 I use for my HTPC has a riser card to rotate the GPU so it intakes directly from the bottom fan vents. And so far it hasn't been too loud, since the fan is drawing in cool outside air instead of just blowing pre-heated air from inside the case, it's at inaudible levels the vast majority of the time.