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The ADA3200/3500CGBOX processors have already made an appearance at some places: Zipzoomfly and Excaliberpc are two places that do. I haven’t found any results yet, but it should be noted that there is not one but two E4 steppings.

The E4 stepping of Opteron fame have been the SH-E4 revision (as are the San Diego-type 1Mb cache A64s). We think these new A64s are the BH-E4 revision (the one used to make A64 X2s).

How can you tell the difference? The SH revision shows a Family/Model/Stepping of F-7-1 in a CPU identifying program. The BH revision shows a Family/Model/Stepping of F-B-1 in a CPU identifying program.

How will they do? Well, if they’re the same as the X2 chips, they’ll either perform like an X2 (i.e. not terribly well compared to the Opterons, or we’re going to find out that dual-core does adversely affect top speed signficantly.

Until we get some results, nobody really knows what the answer is.

The only sure thing, unfortunately, is that prices on the 3200 have gone up, generally from around $150 to $170.

Maybe it’s Christmas, maybe it’s the prices, but so far, people haven’t been jumping on this.

If you happen to buy one (or see the results from one posted elsewhere), could you please send me an email saying how you did (i.e., CPU-Z like results), or a link to where someone else has done the same?



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