Cleaning Up

Like any other lived-in (or in this case virtually-lived in) place, websites tend to accumulate junk over the course of time, abandoned articles, files that used to be used but are no longer, things like that.

However, there are certain things that really ought to be cleaned up right away.

Someone sent me a note pointing out this particular webpage from

It’s an advance article from The Associated Press that was supposed to cover the U.S. space shuttle Columbia’s landing.

A successful landing of the space shuttle Columbia.

Conspiracy-theorists, go back to sleep. Having wire services provide most of an article ahead of time, and updating it with a few last-moment details is common practice.

Now if the article had said three days ahead of time that Columbia was going to blow up, then it’s time for all of us to put on the tin-foil hats, but this is the absolute opposite of that.

This is nothing more than somebody forgetting to clean up.

Nonetheless, given what actually happened, this is one item that really ought to be cleaned up. A Google search under the headline of the story reveals that quite a few news outlets originally had the same AP wire story on their websites, but shortly thereafter removed them.

This is eighteen months later.

The contact page for ABC News is here.


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