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Having served the enthusiast community since 1999, CrazyPC has made the decision to close its doors.  Even as their business winds down, CrazyPC has maintained their great personal customer service as reflected on resellerratings. If you are looking for some deals you may want to watch their site over the coming weeks as prices continue to drop. Hell even if you aren’t looking for deals, these guys have been around the community a long time – just go check it out and see if there’s anything you may want to place an order on.

I know many people reading this haven’t been around that long, so you can find a bit of backstory in our original vendor spotlight CrazyPC interview from last year.

Currently some items are already sold out and they are discounting slower moving inventory. Some items are placed below their cost, other more popular items are still near regular prices… As things move ahead, further discounts will be put in place to unload stock so you may want to keep watching as things will go quick.

Head on over to CrazyPC to see what they’ve got and view their announcement.

CrazyPC Closing
CrazyPC Closing

From to Nick Curtis and company, thanks for all the good years! It’s been a pleasure working with you through the site, as well as a regular customer. Best of luck in future endeavors!


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And they're HQ was based half an hour away from my house.
Sad to see a great retailer go. :(

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Oh man that sucks. I just bought some stuff from there 2 weeks ago. Gonna miss that place. :(

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This is the worst, I used them one time and they were more helpful than any other enthusiast supplier I've dealt with. Goodnight, Sweet Prince!

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Sad indeed, hard to compete in this market....

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Now 6GHz or Bust!

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Got my order in today. I ordered some case cables since I needed some for my upcoming project and also picked up a PS/2 keyboard with lighted key by Sunbeamtech for use with my 8 ports KVM. The keyboard works and the light up part is nice if I needed to do a quick check at 3 am without turning on bright lights.

I noticed an oddity with the keyboard, battery compartment. Manual makes no mention of this, and there's no metal contact at all in there. I think the mold for this keyboard is also the same mold for wireless version.

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Just on their site. At the top of the page it states under new management. Maybe they are saved.

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Yup, there was some further discussion in the vendor discussion forum also about the new management:

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