Vendor Spotlight #1: Who You Calling Crazy?

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It’s 10PM, do you know where your new computer parts are? Well look out overclockers, they could be over at!

In the spirit of our long running Folding Team Spotlights, welcome to the 1st “Vendor Spotlight” Interview! As a recurring feature, our spotlight will be highlighting a variety of online vendors that our forum community patronizes. We’ll be bringing you, our readers, a rarely seen personal perspective behind the websites that provide the community with the shiny parts we need for building our cutting edge computers.

And without further ado, it’s time to get crazy: Thanks to Nick Curtiss, the owner of, for doing our first interview!

Company Info:
Phone: 1 888 558 6005
Sales email: [email protected]
Support email: [email protected]
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Overclockers: Can you give us a description of your company?
Crazypc: Crazypc specializes in computer accessories for computer hobbyists. We carry all the accessories needed to build a computer and turn it into something that’s unique and original. Our main product lines include PC Mods, Computer cooling, Gaming gear, and all the wires, screws, and cables that go into computers.

OC: How did Crazypc get started?
Crazypc: I formally started the Company in 1999. I had been selling products on Ebay with some success. After some discussions my wife and I agreed to give it a more serious try. We invested $2000 into the business. I setup a website, and bought a few products. We didn’t have more than a dozen items at that time. I remember being very excited when our first order came in the day we opened the site. Of course, orders did not flood in immediately. It was some time before we received another order, but getting an order so quickly after opening was a good feeling, and it brought a sense of validation.

OC: How large is your Company(Employees)?
Crazypc: We have 5 employees. We’re a tight knit group. We’ve got a well seasoned and experienced team working here. I’m very proud of them and the effort they put forth every day. We all have our responsibilities and areas of expertise, but everyone pitches in where needed. We’ve been very fortunate to have some great employees.

OC: Can you give us an estimated number of products you sell each month if you wouldn’t mind sharing?
Crazypc: I will say that we have over 1,000 different products in-stock.

OC: Do you have any specialties we should know about?
Crazypc: Our most common special services are custom cable sleeving , and custom appliques. But, we also do PC Modding services such as our custom 3D Fan Guards and CompuCoat services. Other special services include our heat sink lapping service.

OC: Is there something that separates your Company from others?
Crazypc:  We have some very good competitors in our field, but we strive to offer excellent value, and service above and beyond other companies. If there’s a problem with an order we go the extra mile to contact customers and inform them. We want every transaction to go as smoothly as possible.

OC: Do you also have a “Brick and Mortar store? If so can you mention some locations?
Crazypc: We operate from a warehouse building, but we have a walk-in show room. If you’re in the area please feel fee to visit our store! We’re located at 1046 Benstein Rd. Suite 101, Commerce Twp., MI 48390.

OC: We have a lot of international members…do you ship overseas?
Crazypc: I’d say on average we do 2-3 international orders per day. Most of our international customers are from Canada, but we also receive a fair amount of business from Europe. We offer shipping via United States Postal Express Mail International and Priority Mail International. We’ve found this service to be the best value and the quality of service is generally very good. However, we will ship using other methods as requested.

OC: Do you provide support on the website forums?
Crazypc: We don’t peruse the support forums, but if anyone needs assistance, we’re available during business hours via email, phone (toll free), and live chat.

OC: How about some personal stuff? Are you yourself a builder?
Crazypc: I think it will be a sad day when I no longer build my own computers. Thankfully, I think that day is far in the future. I still enjoy researching, buying the parts, and assembling computers. My computer is in a constant state of flux. I’m always upgrading components. I should do a time lapse film of my computer as it morphs over time. Having said that, I don’t get to indulge my hobby as much as I’d like since the demands of parenthood and business take priority.

OC: Any hobbies related to the tech field?
Crazypc: Does watching TV count? (Smiling)

OC: Finally any other comments, information you would like to share ?
Crazypc: I’d like to say thank you to for the opportunity to introduce myself to the community. We’ve been in business for over 10 years now, but I sometimes feel that we’re just getting started. Technology is always changing, as well as the business environment so as time goes by we have new challenges and we must change to adapt to the times. As a business owner and fellow computer hobbyist I hope that will continue to service the community for many more years to come.

OC: Thanks again to Crazypc for the interview…and after perusing their website I wanted to link their “How to Page” which has some good information on it.

CrazyPC Packaging Area
CrazyPC Packaging Area

Nick is just teasing us here!
Nick is just teasing us here!


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Glad to hear there are still people chaseing the dream that so many of us on overclockers have had over the years. No offence to the big guys out there but I would much rather get my gear from a smaller company that puts it's customers first.
- ||console|| (Chris)

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=O. Thanks for the interview, O/C. I had no idea that their showroom was half an hour away from me.

I'm going to go visit this weekend. I'll make a thread about it :).

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Update this thread knufire! Itd be great to hear about!

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