Overclockers [email protected] Team Spotlight #90

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Our Overclockers.com [email protected] Team have been running member spotlights for quite some time – this is the 90th feature in our series of Folding Spotlights! Please give a warm welcome to Sfu727456!

Dfonda : Thank you for the interview! When did you join Team 32?
Sfu727456 : April 26 2010. EOC stats.

D: If there was something recent that you did that you wanted your fellow team members to know about, what would it be?
Sfu: Recently I switched all my machines over to Rosetta for their November RAC Harvest, and we are poised to become the #1 producing team for the month. But don’t worry, I will be back folding come December 1st.

D: You do not have to give specifics (address), but what Part of the world do you live in, and if you don’t mind telling, what town?
Sfu: I live in Parker, Colorado.

D: How did you initially hear about [email protected]?
Sfu: Actually I was searching for info on how to overclock, and I came across Miahallen’s “Guide on overclocking” and joined Overclockers.com and started learning about overclocking and then eventually [email protected]. Being that I am ultra competitive, I decided to start contributing, after that it just kept building.

D: After starting, why do you continue to fold?
Sfu: I really do believe in the project and my father is a cancer survivor so it hits close to home. I love to build stuff with my hands and computers, so it was right up my alley, also mopping the floor with John (Jmtyra) on a daily basis is a bonus ! (Laughing)

D: What do you do for a living?
Sfu: I work  as a technical consultant for Cable companies.

D: What do you do for fun?
Sfu: When I am not playing with my kids, I love to hunt, fish, ride my Harley or ATV, or work on one of my trucks. Right now I am in the middle of restoring a 79 Bronco from the ground up.

D: Is there anything special you do in your spare time that you can share with us?
Sfu: I really don’t have a lot of spare time right now. When I do I am either spinning wrenches on one of my trucks or working on my [Borg] farm.

D: OK we have all seen Pics of the stacks of Motherboards !…Which one is your Brand and Model of choice?
Sfu: Asrock X58 Extreme – no real reason, I just seem to have a knack for finding them on the cheap.

D: What kind of Overclock are you getting on it?
Sfu: With the exception of the one 920 I have. They are either 3.6 or 3.8 GHz. Many of my chips will go higher, but since I am only running stock heat sink and fans, with no active cooling in the room they are thermally limited.

D: How many do you have in your Borg farm now? Are you running Bigadv and GPU clients? Fill us in?
Sfu: Currently I have 24 folders running bigadv with no GPU folding and have no plans to in the immediate future. Recently I had a new 200 amp sub panel put in and have 28 more boards sitting in my living room waiting to be built. Originally I was sticking with 930’s processors but recently the 950’s have dropped to the same price as the 930’s so I grabbed them.

D: How do you monitor your farm?
Sfu: A couple of ways, I obviously use Harlam’s HFM.net. It serves it up to my own website that I check from my phone. Everyone is free to check it out at sffolding.com. My everyday use machine has remote access software on it that I can remote in and make any changes to the folders. Short of a hard lock up I am able to maintain them from anywhere in the country.

D: What are your future goals? What do you most want to accomplish with your life?
Sfu: My future goals as a folder are 1 million ppd. As far my personals goals, raising my children is my number one priority and everything else is secondary.

D: I hate to ask… how much juice do you pull with your farm?
Sfu: Each machine averages right around 250 watts, so the whole farm pulls 6000 watts continuously. Before I put in the extra circuits I had some of the power strips running off extension cords. The cords got so hot they actually melted the power strip cord to the extension cord.

D: Any plans to use water cooling ?
Sfu: Yes I have and it was originally my plan but as the farm has grown and I started calculating how much I would have to spend on the parts to put it on water, it just made more sense to build a couple more folders for the money. Also my other concern was service ability, right now when I want to work on a machine I just unplug it and carry it into my office and work on it at my desk. If they were on water I would have to work on them in the rack or have another way to cool them in my office.

D:  Finally…. I am sure all the woman are dying to know (laughing)
Sfu: Yes I am single…(Laughs)

How about some Pics of your farm your home your hobbies…or even you!(More Pics in “sfu’s farm thread“)

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