CrystalDiskInfo is a handy freeware utility for monitoring your hard drive’s status.

There is nothing more devastating to PC users than a hard drive crash. Most folks do not routinely back-up data and when a drive fails, shock sets in when users realize what’s involved to replace programs and realize that barring a very expensive data recovery service, all those pics and music files are gone.


CystalDiskInfo is one of those small utilities that should be routinely loaded to monitor disk health. After downloading and installing, the first screen gives an overall disk status screen:


The Function tab opens up a host of information sources:


And finally there is a manual to explain various capabilites:


Overall CrystalDiskInfo give a nice overall picture of how your hard drive is holding up. I was a bit surprised at how many hours I have on this disk – makes you more aware of backing-up data for the “just in case” scenario. It’s routinely updated, simple to use and free – all good things!



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