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SUMMARY: Excellent choice for CPU cooling with moderate power waterpumps.


The good guys at Cooltechnica were nice enough to send a D-TEK White Water waterblock to test; this is the original aluminum topped block and represents a bit of history – in its day, this design broke new ground. The White Water is a flow impingement design with micro-channels. As such, this waterblock has a moderate pressure drop and requires a waterpump of sufficient power to extract top performance.


The D-TEK White Water was tested using the CPU Die Simulator and Waterblock Test Rig.


Test Conditions: Inlet Water Temp: 28.5 C; Mounting force: 15 pounds; Heat Load: 70 Watts.




Pressure Drop – psi

Pressure Drop – inches H2O

D-TEK White Water




NOTE: These results are NOT comparable to tests done by others.
Unrounded data: 0.130 C/W with 0.0025 std dev.

Test Results indicate that the D-TEK White Water’s pressure drop (or head loss) across the waterblock is moderate; resistance such as this means that White Water needs a moderately powerful waterpump to extract maximum performance, especially if other components in the system are restrictive.

For a comparison of the D-TEK White Water’s performance to other waterblocks tested to date, see Overclockers.com Waterblock Test Results.


The D-TEK White Water waterblock is an excellent choice for CPU cooling, although extracting top performance requires a moderate power waterpump. If other components are connected in series, top performance will be compromised.

Thanks again to Cooltechnica for sending this our way.

Disclosure: Joe Citarella has a financial interest in a company developing thermosyphon products for electronic chip cooling.

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