Deal of the Week: Intel Core2Duo E8400

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AMD launched 8 new low power processors this week which normally has some effect on the market prices of other processors.  In general, processor prices seem to be dropping, but this launch result in no significant changes in prices.  Still, there are some excellent choices for overclockers at great prices out there.  One of them is the Intel Core2Duo E8400.

This processor has proven to be a favorite with overclockers since it’s launch and HWBot has recorded over 12000 submissions.  With the Wolfdale core, 6MB L2 cache, and 1333MHz FSB the processor performs fairly well stock.  Once in the hand of an overclocker, this chip can go hit 4.5GHz on air and over 6GHz on extreme cooling.  Another great thing about this processor is it fits in socket 775 motherboards so all of you with older Core2Duo setups can upgrade without buying all new hardware.  At launch, this processor was listed at $183 but you can now grab one for as little as $154.50 for an OEM chip or $164.99 for a retail box.  Check out the Official Wolfdale E8400/E8500 OC Reports thread for more info.

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