Do It Yourself Antiterrorism

Hacking Islamic websites not only does no good, it

Looks like a few are stepping a little beyond “nuke ’em all” in some forum.

You can read some details here.

Why You Shouldn’t Do This

You needlessly alienate people. I took a look at the newsgroup that got hit with a DDos. It’s not a terrorist hangout,
it’s more a place where Islam gets explained by religious people. All the posts I saw were condemning the violence.

This is like taking out a religious conference. It’s absurd. We have enough real enemies, why make more?

If you can’t tell the difference between someone peacefully explaining the Koran and a terrorist, or think “they’re” all the same, you’re not a hero; you’re not a patriot; you’re an idiot.

You mess up the security pros Terrorist groups follow the same rules of secrecy intelligence agencies follow. They have to, if they don’t, they cease to exist very quickly.

It’s unlikely any real terrorist would regularly use public forums if at all possible simply because they leave traces. It’s even more unlikely they would go to what a Western mind would consider an obvious place for messages.

But just in case some bad guys aren’t that smart or sophisticated, let’s just say disrupting these communications channels could possibly disrupt investigations. You wouldn’t be stopping terrorism; you could be stopping the FBI.

And they’re not going to like that at all. You might find them coming to your house to recognize you for your actions, alright, with an arrest warrant, not a medal.

So please, don’t do this.

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