Duron Report

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One computer shop which often puts good hard news on its site here in Moscow
had run some statistics on o’cing Durons (after I had suggested to do that in a letter :).
Here are the results (they have tested a whole bunch of their stock):

AKAA0022MPMW:   800-850 MHz

AKAA0024DPBW:   800-850 MHz

AKAA0027BPAW:   900-950 MHz

AKBA0036APAW:       1-1.05 GHz

AKBA0036APBW:   950-1000 MHz

Update (10/19/00): As later reported by Shato, this information was initially published by www.fcenter.ru, news from 13.10.2000.
Apologies for not updating this article with the attribution immediately. Ed

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