Finally, P2 Prices!

No, I haven’t regressed to 1997.  These are Phenom II prices. 

The Inquirer said the first P2s should start shipping just before Christmas, at U.S. prices of around $235 (2.8GHz) and $275 (3.0GHz). 

OK, not stellar bargains, but enough to start some competitive pricing action going for quads, and these initial AMD prices won’t last too long.   

They’re not going to beat Nehalems, may not even beat Penryns, but they probably can provide pretty decent performance and a decent gaming platform, especially for the OEM market, probably at a very decent price, which isn’t a bad thing to have these days.  The kind of people who think the HD4850 is a good-enough video card will probably find Deneb platforms good enough, too.   


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