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SOLVED 8000rpm 60mm delta fan

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Check out the new delta fan at http://www.deltaww.com
go to componants then dc fans - it is an ffb fan
60x60x38mm 8000rpm,
51CFM!! form a 6cm fan - thats some power!

Getting one to try in about 2 weeks.
yeah its about 55 decibels - you need adobe acrobat reader 4 to view the page as it is a *.pdf
Im getting the 38cfm 46dba infamous 60mm black label hopefully by the end of the week. Ive heard this bad boys loud. 55dba? better get the ear muff's. I'll see if i cant get a wav. file of how loud it is.
kahn (Apr 10, 2001 04:18 p.m.):
yeah its about 55 decibels - you need adobe acrobat reader 4 to view the page as it is a *.pdf

The link worked that time...weird. Last time I got a bunch of chineese stuff.
And Friday that delta is pretty loud. I have one and my roommate has one and we live in a small dorm....gives an interesting effect to the room.
The ~7000 rpm Delta 38 cfm is obnoxious enough. You may find that an 8000 rpm Delta is a waste of money, chances are good that you'll figure out a way to replace it with an 80mm or larger case fan. Took me seven months to replace my Delta 38. Inertia can be a terrible thing!
Door Knob (Apr 10, 2001 12:19 p.m.):
The link didn't work..but man I bet you that it would be loud as all hell.

I just got a GW FOP 38, and boy howdy is it loud, compaired to my very quiet (and very shitty cooling) Volcano II. I lapped it, and slapped some AS II on it. 41 Idle, 48 under load. I love this thing!