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Anyone know if a m810lmr board is overclocker friendly?

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Mar 12, 2001
I am throwing a quick setup together for my kid. Before I pick up one. Would anyone know if it is ?

I am running a msi with an 850 athlon on my pc overclocked 1150 no problems

I would like to get away with just unlocking the l1 s and not modifying the board

anyone have any info would be aprecieted
I don't know about that one, but I'm also getting ready to put another one together for my daughter. In the interest of economy, I think that I'm going to go with the FIC AZ11"E". This is their second series of the kt133 chipset mobo. Unlike the original AZ11 this one has multiplier adjustments built in. I've already built a couple of socket "A" machines using both the ASUS A7V and the FIC AZ11. The A7V results can't be denied, but they are pricey. The AZ11 is limited in tweaking but rock solid and has onboard sound. This in mind, the AZ11"E" certainly deserves a good look. I already have a DURON that I had to 981MHz on the A7V.
Here's what it looks like to me;

Duron600 (should hit at least 950MHz) $50.00 already have it, FIC AZ11"E" onboard sound (not the best, but not bad) $95.00 w/shipping, Global Win 38 $20.00 local computer show, Vodoo 3 3000 $75.00 already have it, 120PC133 MICRON RAM $50.00 local show, 20G WD 7200 ATA100 hdd $116.00 already have it, NIC 10/100 $20.00, floppy drive 15.00, CD-ROM 40.00 ATX mid tower w/250w ps 35.00 local show .

Less than $525.00 ($275.00 out of pocket now)
Not bad for a system that'll be kissing 1G with decent video, hard drive etc..
If this is the Jetway /PC Chips board - no it is not friendly to overclock. Spend just a few more bucks and get the FIC the other guy mentions. Not brilliant, but adequate.

It may be worthwhile waiting however with a whole host of other boards appearing with the advent of the new bargain chips - the Morgans or Duron 2's

The 810lmr has no longeivity, nor the FIC AZ11E in that case. It's a strange time at the moment.
Yeah, the 810 LMR is a cruddy board.. it's only real plus is for non-overclockers who want to run 133/266 Athlon's, because it has support for that. I have built 2 systems for not a whole lot of cash with D700's and AZ11E's and all of them will do 850-900 MHz no sweat with chrome orb's. It's not as easy to work with as the other overclocker socket A boards (you change multiplier and vcore with dips) but it works, and is ok if you're just going to OC it and forget it, but it's not a tinkerer board. sooooo... I concur with above posts generally.