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Artic Silver II

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Arctic Silver Senior
Dec 19, 2000
Artic Silver II was released today. It’s a reformulated version that should work a better than the original compound. I had lunch with Nevin and he gave me some to try. I hope to get it in my system tomorrow and report on the results. Just one more degree would make me happy!

In case there are any nonbelievers at the Overclockers Forum, Artic Silver is a real product manufactured at Artic Silver’s facilities. I have seen the raw materials, machinery, packaging etc., not to mention the workers doing their thing.

BTW, the focus of this thread is on the enhanced cooling ability of Artic Silver II. That’s why it’s here instead of the Vendor’s Forum.
Share the wealth!!! You know you are a dedicated overclocker when 1 degree is the holy grail. Hmm I think I want some article silver 2 too hehheheh :(
Of course the releaded a new Arctic Silver the other day... b/c I just ordered some of the original a few days ago. If only I had put it off a little bit longer. Oh well.

Let us know how well it works.
Since I don't work for Artic Silver, I can't answer the "who’s going to have it first question". All dealers will be getting it. Artic Silver II is around $8 for a bit smaller syringe, I would think dealers would be jumping on it just for the lower price point.

As to cost verses results, where else can you get a drop in your temps, even if it only one degree for $15? Bare in mind, I’m a tight wad but $15 bucks is chump change in the computer world. On top of this, it’s super low effort. To drop your temps a bit, all you have to do is change the grease between your CPU and heatsink. It doesn’t get any better than this.