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Asus m/n k7m Slot A, Hardly can overclock!

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The Overclock King

New Member
Apr 28, 2001
I have had this m/b for about a year and a half
I have just gotten into overclocking in the last month
I dunno how else, but I go into bios and change cpu frequency and it only can go up to 106 mhz being stable ( which is i think 795 mhz exactly )
can any1 give me tips on how to o/c
I have a chassis fan, pc ventialator exhasut fan, and glorb and 250 power supply
my puter specs are as follows
750 mhz athlon
128 mb 66 mhz
32 mb ddr Radeon
Get a goldfingers device for your processor. Go to www.tomshardware.com to check out an article on making one yourself (if you are into that type of thing). It is a simple circuit, and as long as you have all the stuff, would be an easy thing to do. Otherwise, you can buy some pre-manufactured things online. You probably wont be able to get your FSB much higher than it already is, so if you want to go higher, you would have to raise the multiplier. Make sure you have adequate cooling also. Anyone know about those Slot Athlons? My friend had one, and it would run for about 30 minutes, then freeze, then run, then freeze, etc. Was running about 50C with dual fan heatsink, thermal compound, default voltage, etc. Very odd.

Update (second time): Just noticed. You are running on PC66 ram!!@!@#@#@#% That wont cut it. You may run into some problems.... plus, you will absolutely need a better heat sink.
Mmmmmmm you won't get past ~110MHz FSB on that m/b... Mainly due to the AMD "Irongate" Chipset...
Grab a GFD & you'll be in business... :)
I don´t believe it´s the ram, I believe it is the AMD Irongate or perhaps also the Athlon internal Alpha protocol, but my Arthlon doesn´t have problems with higher FSB´s, it went up too 126 with no Problems...
But get a GFD also..This will give you a real performance boost
Good luck