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Differen Color MSI mobo

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Mar 23, 2001
Suwanee, GA
Like the title says I see some places have pis of it being red and some places its green.....why is that? different revision?

oh and by the way I need to know the cheapest place that sell the MSI K7D
that's no longer the case Jon, the newer K7D's (non L) are also red. I have a red K7D now :D

I'm not sure when this was changed though....
Probably happened when they discovered red looks alot cooler than green :cool:

First I heard of that though, but then again, I have to force myself from keeping up with them so I won't buy one :eek:
I have two MSI K7D Masters. One is red, the other is green. They both say they are Ver 1 and I haven't found any operational differences between them. I also have a K7D Master -L. It is red, also.
I ordered my K7D Master out of the first batch that came in to Newegg with the fixed USB. It's green. a month and a half later a buddy of mine at work ordered one and it was red. I think all the newer K7D boards are red, regardless of K7D-L or non-L.

I want a red one :D

The MSI nVidia G4 TI4200 is red too.

Functionality comes first, price second and then pretty.
yea i know, red makes it tons more functional =p

anyway, i have an L, and its higlights my videocard beautifully.

infact ive had people comment on how preety they looked together, which is really weird...