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Lockups at high FSB..could it be video??

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Apr 21, 2001
OH-Heartland of the USA
The system is an Asus A7V133, T-Bird 1 Gig/200 Taisol alum HSF, bios is Beta 1006.001I, WD 10 gig HDD Plextor 12-10-32, Diamond SupraMax 56K....and the vid card..ATI Expert 2000 32meg Rage128 AGP.
When the system is started with a FSB of 130 at multiplier 10, 9.5 or 9,0, I eventually get a lockup that requires pressing the reset button. At 9.0 it takes longer but it eventually locks up, about 10 minutes. The temps are nearly constant at 48c-51c and the memory is Crucial 128 meg PC133 running @ 2-2-2.
I am including a SiSoft screenshot of the AGP section. On bootup the video is set to 4x in bios but I don't think it is that way according to the screenshot.
Can anyone tell me if the video may be the problem from this info?

Thanks all for your help.
Sounds like the fsb is to high,,Naturally that will effect the video card but I think if you lower the fsb you will solve the lock up...
Yea, you are correct. If I lower the FSB, it will run fine. But this rig should handle the 133 FSB, at least the mainboard and CPU. What I want to determine is which component is causing the lockup, and replace it.
I'm not too keen on replacing components one at a time to figure it out, that's too expensive!!

Can anyone tell me of a program to check the AGP card and see if a setting in it can be causing the problem?
correct me here, that mainboard is a 100 mgz fsb right....

well if it is i seriously doubt it will run perfect at 133 fsb,,,I think them boards do real well at like 117 or 120,,,bit try this crank up fsb and lower cpu multiplyer.....go like 130x7 or 7.5 or go higher fsb and a 7x or 7.5x..I would doubt that the video card is the issue IT is the Main Board most likely hitting its limit.

Running stable @ 145 FSB.
I am nearly convinced it was the video card getting too hot.
There is now a blower installed on the side of the case with a directional tube 1/2" away from the CPU heatsink(no fan) and the air circulation withing the case creates more air over the AGP card.
Hoot's Cohesive Air Cooling(HCAC)
The AGP card has no heatsink of any kind, yet, so it was getting quite warm to the touch.
Next step is to install an SK6 heatsink, blorb on the Northbridge and move the current Northbridge HSF to the AGP card.

That's what I really like about this OCing...there is always more to do...never done..never finished...never bored.:D