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FEATURED Marathon Season VIII November: Cinebench R20

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Nice run!!

If you arent touching voltage, clock speeds barely affect temps. ;)
I actually starved voltages for the core and mesh and raised as needed. Although, that's all I will say for now because...life needs attention atm. I'll keep experimenting and if it works I think I might share it.

I mean I am competing against others here.

I have been working the voltages down on this 3700x and it seems that dropping from 1.4v @ 4.4ghz to 1.24v @ 4.4ghz I have only dropped about 4'C 4400@1-24v.jpg

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it could be that some boards just dont read voltages properly. Not sure, seems pretty odd to me, as most seem to need 1.34 for 4.4ghz. This is my first AMD chip in prolly 15 years
I have to send a BIG thanks to Johan45 :thup: for this i9-7900x. I have got it to hit 5.12 GHz on 1 core :) I have not yet de-lidded it or put it under chilled water ( I haven't completed my cold weather setup :( ) I ran this at 4.7 but had 6 of the 10 cores throttling :(

MaddMutt / I9-7900x / Custom Water / 6097
SO i guess my method wasnt quite working as i thought...i really wanted that 4.3ghz AVX. But with AMD coming out with some mighty impressive hardware, I may leave this in its box and put some AMD hardware in my glass case.

(G{in}[AK)TION] / Intel Core i9 7900x / Corsair H100i v2 / 6271

Also, did anyone see the benchmarks for thread ripper gen 3 on hardware unboxed? it actually did pretty well in gaming. I cannot get over that. Just amazing!

EDIT: I am actually tuning this to go as high as I can make it go and stick with its results before I put it back in the case.
mllrkllr88 / Threadripper 3970X / Ambient Water / 19227

I never did get to LN2 for this comp, I spent too much time working on R15 and in the blink of an eye my LN2 was gone...1100w from the wall will do that :eek: The new 32-core is a little faster than the old one, but not a huge gain clock-to-clock. The new CPU clocks quite a bit higher and it also have huge gains in the IMC department. Here is an example:
Cine R20 2990WX @ 4150 = 15430
Cine R20 3970X @ 4400 = 19227

(G{in}[AK)TION] / Intel Core i9 7900x / Corsair H100i v2 / 6292

It might be my last one for this month...maybe. ill keep posting more over and over just in case.

I am pretty persistent. I have stayed up until 3 am a few times already figuring this out.
@ (G{in}[AK)TION]

Are you throttling at 4.8 from the heat?? What is your max single core freq??? IIRC you have not de-lidded your i9-7900x. -> I really need to get my winter setup (chilled water) going. It's a good 15c drop during MY cold spells here in the south :)
I actually de-lidded my 7900x the same year I had purchased it.

It turns out, CBR20 uses only a little AVX. So I kept AVX settings clocked down to 4ghz with the core clock at 4.8ghz.
Set higher Tj in BIOS and it shouldn't throttle so fast. The CPU should be fine for benchmarks till max and I think it's 115°C or something close.
110c is the limit. I only see it go up to 96-98c max when testing with y-cruncher (omg I love that benchmark). I have not seen any throttling though. it stayed at 4.8ghz every time I tested with HWINFO open.

And yes, I did try running the tests without HWINFO open and then re-opened when I saw a good result. I would open many tabs and had them doing something just to quickly max out in HWINFO.
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I will have to investigate further BUT I'm pretty sure I have killed my i9-7900x from De-lidding it :facepalm: The computer will not POST with the 7900x but it will with my 9820x.:fight: <- The never ENDING quest for MOAR POWER AND SPEED :chair::burn:

Thinking back...I 'm sure I got too happy with the razor and damaged the core :(
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Also, you did use a de-lidding kit and not the vice method right? Just making sure here.

I post some picture tomorrow :) I used a de-lidding tool but got to excited and beat the razor against the table :( Pulling out my secondary Benching System so I can still play :thup:

MaddMutt / I9-9900KF / Custom Water / 5256
Kenrou / FX-8370 / Air / 1650

Apologies for the late entry, was rummaging in my backups and found this and a few other runs, is it still admissible ?

Cinebench r20.jpg
batboy / Intel Core i9 10980XE / custom water / 10766

I know it's a day late, but I finally got a decent score.

10980XE Cinebench R20 10766.jpg
Sorry guys a day late is a day too late.