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My first custom loop, yours opinions and suggestions.

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Apr 18, 2017

recently i bought Sabertooth 990FX, so my cheap air cooler is not enough now. I would like to start with water cooling, but because i'm stingy, i want to build it myself as cheap of possible.
First of all, my configuration is:
Phenom II x4 955 BE
MSI GTX 560 twin frozr 2
Sabertooth 990FX
Chieftec GPS-650AB A
HAF 922

I calculated total TDP of my CPU and GPU after max overclocking (+pump) at 376W. According to spreadshirt from this tutorial, with 2x 120mm radiators and 5,7 l/m i should get somewhere about 10-15 delta T. That's awesome, because i don't think i will run my CPU and GPU at full load at the same time :) Of course i will put 2-4 fans, depending on FPI.

After that, i want to use peltier unit, to give me a little more heatroom. I will simply make a sandwich of water block, peltier and my CPU cooler (SilentiumPC Fera 2 HE1224). I will turn on the peltier unit only when needed, mainly depending on radiators. For now i have 50W one, but if this will work, i will buy 100W unit. Of course it will be driven by external power source.

As a pump i want to use this aquarium pump:
It should give enough flow and pressure, and is made to work 24/7.
I will put it in some plastic box filled with water, and make holes to get the water in and out.

I want to have in my loop (in this order):
-GPU vrm

Pump will pump water to peltier, after that will be CPU, GPU, GPU vrm, to chiller and then reservoir with pump.

I'm wandering where to put it, i can place it inside the HAF 922:
-On top i will put my chiller with fans
-As a rear fan i will put my CPU cooler with paltier
-Water blocks of course on things
-Water pump with reservoir at bottom

I can also put it all on some board, at put it on top of my computer. I know that this is better option, but i don't know if this will make great difference, in this loop.
Placing it in the computer will be much cleaner. I have one 200 mm on front, and two 120 mm fans on side pushing the air inside.

So, it's my first water cooling system (and it have to be cheap, i can't spend 200$ on "easier and better" products), i don't have any experience and i made it after reading few articles.
I will be thankfull, if you could check if i'm correct everywhere, or if there are any mistakes.
other than for bling, the vrm block will do nothing for you with a 955, but if bling matters to you,(it does for me) go ahead.
you will not need a peltier, a 3x120 rad will be more than enough, unless you are shooting for a moonshot overclock.
A few things ring as ODD to me. I don't mean to discourage you as I'd love to see these results but the pragmatic in me asks...

1. You could build a brand new much more powerful build for the price of the water cooling parts and peltier regardless of how high you're able to overclock that 955 + 560.

2. You mention "stingy" and "cheap as possible" but I can assure you, these plans are neither.

3. If you can't spent $200 on custom water cooling parts (and I wouldn't blame you here) why not but a quality air cooler or AIO to cool your rig. Either will be plenty.

Like Caddi said, if you're looking to do it just for fun and epeen then by all means go for it. Just be sure to post up the pron pics for us all. :)
What is "bling"?
I just have spare peltier unit, and i want to use it, because i can :) And see what i can get. Especially, when it's so easy to use.
Most bonus points in benchmarks i get from OC graphic card and in games i have 100% load on GPU, with very little load on CPU. I want to get everything i can from my graphic card, and from graphic card in the future.
And vrm on my gtx have no cooling, and i just don't like that.

Do you know how much water get warmer after CPU and GPU blocks?

Water pump i can buy for 10-12$, and i will try buy broken water collers for another 10$. I already have peltier unit, and coller for it, so i should be able to get everything for 25-40$.
Or, i will go to scrap-heap and ask for chillers from refrigirators, cars etc.
It's mostly for fun, because i don't realy need OC my pc. And i like playing with new things :) I don't even know if this will work better than 40$ air cooler, or AIO :)
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Bling is just for looks.

OK so you're cheapest route would likely be this for your GPU and this for the rest. You'll need to get additional hoses and fittings and figure out what to do with the peltier. Aside from that You're looking at bigger bucks.
I will buy much cheaper broken units, tear them down and take what i need. I need only the chiller. The cheapest 2x 120 mm liquid cooler i found, costs 85$.
For GPU i think i use universal water block for GPU, universal water block for VRM and heatsinks and one 120 mm fan at low speed. It should be enough, since twin frozr 2 sits only on GPU anyway.
I had my fun with pelts, but it was just that..fun. Not practical in 24/7 pc use and it's a big waste. The money wasted on buying junk to take the parts needed you can build a real nice wc setup. Why are you doing things backwards?
That's why mine will be after classic chiller. I will turn it on only when i want extra cooling. So, mostly for more points in benchmarks :)
If you want real points benchmarking look into dry ice or liquid nitrogen. It's what the pros use. Don't waste your time and money unless it's just for fun.
Yeah, but i need my computer running almost 24/7. It's for daily use. If i understand liquid nitrogen cooling correctly, without liquid nitrogen CPU wouldn't be cooled enough. I don't know much about liquid nitrogen cooling so i can be wrong.
One way or another, luiqiud nitrogen cooling is too expensive. I will try to spend 25-40$.

If this rig is for getting maximum benchmark scores as you say then you need to go sub zero temps. That means LN2, DICE, or some form of adequate SS. If it's a Daily driver then just grab a good air cooler. Have a mild OC profile for 24/7 and swap from the air cooler to the LN2/DICE pot when you bench. It's what anyone here who benches with anything but water does.

Another thought is to chill your water. Similar to what you're thinking with the peltier there are a few select individuals who have been known to throw their radiators into the freezer while benching. I'll refrain from a mentioning their names. *cough Lochekey *cough. LOL

Going sub ambient has it's own struggles though and you really need to read up on extreme cooling if you want to keep your rig running. Condensation kills.
I don't want maximum benchmark scores. I want to get better benchmarks scores then i already have. Yes, i could achieve that by changing my cheap SilentiumPC Fera 2 HE1224 for something better, but my only option is to buy something for 100$ or more.
I can't build good air cooler.
Water coolers are build from much more parts, and you can buy them separately much cheaper (for example 1x 120mm chiller for 4$). Firsts water blocks i can buy from Aliexpress for 3$ (i know that they won't be the best, but should work), or i hope to get them with set of broken electronics.
With some work i can connect everything together, print some parts, and basicly, build something from junk which is worthless for others.
Hmmm, Ok

I think there is a "Ghetto rig" thread somewhere. You may find some inspiration there. Also please post up pics. I love homemade projects. I'll see if I can find a link somewhere.

EDIT: FOUND IT! It's awesome BTW

EDIT EDIT: That's not really the one I was looking for but you get the idea. I'll keep looking.
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Hi guys, long time not see :)
After 3 years, i managed to pull myself together, and finish my water cooling :) as i said, it's as cheap as possible, and ghetto at it finest ;)
Pics in attachments.
Everything is working quite nice, pump is loud as hell and four 120 fans generates quite strong breeze :)
I got two small leaks after installing everything, but "car radiator stop leak" did the job :) not sure how long it works though.

If we are talking about performance, it's mediocre right now.
Fx 8350 at stock (ruining prime 95) started with 41 degrees, and after an hour stabilized at 46-47 degress.
After OC to 4.6Ghz and 1.45V, i'm stabilizing at 60-61 degrees. (Not fully stable, i can run prime95 for ~15 minutes).
Right now, I'm thinking about improvements.
1. Higher flow - right now, i have flow 2.25 l/ min. Do you think improving it will help much? I don't think so, but it's my first loop.
2. More fans -Right now i have 4, and can add additional 2 or 4. 8-12 if i go for push-pull configuration. It will help lower liquid temp, but it already goes up only for 6-7 degrees, so i don't think it will help.
3. Better water block - i have cheapest **** from aliexpress. Problem is, i have aluminum chiller, so i want aluminum block. And there are none. I will ask how much will cost cutting my own design. Problem is, i saw comparison between this cheap block, and good one, and it was 8 degrees. A lot, but the better one was Cu. I think with aluminium, i can get 4 degrees lower temps. Not that much.

Also, i'm a bit worried about temp spikes. I have perfectly stable temperature, and for one second i have spike which is 5-10 degrees higher. Don't really know what to think about it.

So, what do you think about my setup? :) looks terrible, but works quite ok :)