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PSU buyers guide and How-to guide

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im currently in the market for a 750w power supply, and looking to not spend more than say $130
im currently using an Ultra XFinity 600w, and it dont seem to be getting the job done ....

i came across 4 PSU's, any recommendations would be helpful
my system is currently an e6300 OC'd to 3.7Ghz [1.5vCore]
[would like to upgrade to quad-core eventually
ati radeon hd2900xt [will probably be replaced with an 8800gts 640MB, or an hd3870 512mb card]
2x 250gb seagate sata drives
2x samsung dl sata drives
audigy soundcard pci
1x Swiftech MCP-655 pump
3x 120mm fans [HiPerf]
2x 80mm fans

these are the PSU's




Corsair is the one:



About the same price. You have some overkill with a 750w but it won't hurt anything but your wallet. The Corsair 650w unit would be much more than enough. Both are free shipping.
im tryin to figure out what PSU to run in my first computer that I am building... and dont know wether i should stick with my ATi Radeon x1900 xtx Video card i got off craigslist or not. i do know that i am going to run a raptor 74gb harddrive. any suggestions?
I'd go with one of the Corsair models. They won't let you down :)

I've got a 1950, it's pretty good. You can do way better now though. I'd try it out and see how you like it.
Corsair is awesome. I've been very pleased with the 550 in my new build. No issues for about a month and the voltages are strong under full load (tested with a multimeter of course).

From what I've seen, I would be very suprised if something went wrong such as it starts to whine or become erratic.
I think the entry for Rosewill in the avoid list should be edited to say that some models (mostly on the very low end) should be avoided since a lot of their PSUs are actually quite good (heck, you even recommend on later in the post ;)). I detected no difference in overclockability or stability between a Rosewill 500W and a 485W Enermax PSU. Their higher end PSUs got equal/better marks than OCZ's on Johnny Guru's site as I recall.
I was wise to not trust the Jpac power supply I got for free last year. ATX tester seems to suggest it passes but when I put a TEC which loaded 14A on 12v rail the voltage dropped to barely 10v. >_<

I didn't even use any load on other rails. 5v dropped to 4.5v with the TEC added so the 5v and 12v probably shares a common source inside the PSU.

I'll bet I get beautiful firework if i tried to get closer to the max 18A rating the PSU claims. Or added something on the 5v rail to get about 25A or so (max 50) while TEC is running.
just wanna say kudos to all the time and effort put into this.

i didn't realise how much there is to know about PSU's.

I'm just sorry I don't have time to keep it updated all the time.... 2yr old twins and one on the way is getting in the way.... lol
You also Jigga? One on the way here too. Just wanted to add. I have been running a TT toughpower 700watt psu for over 1 year without any problems. I pretty much run things at stock allt he time but I have had a ton of things in this system at various times never had a problem.

Dual core cpu, 4 hard drives in hardware RAID, 2 optical drives. Creative live sound card x-fi fatality, plus two extra hard drives, 4 GB ram.

It had been times I gamed non-stop but not once has the PSU let me down. I think several years ago they could not be trusted but they seemed t have turned the corner now.

Johhnyguru had a review on the toughpower 750 model.
Edited 12-14-11 : Removed really old stuff and added the link to our sticky. Cleaned up some of the hyperlinks.
We have PSU reviews on the OCF frontpage now too! So far the Antec HCP-850 and NZXT HALE82 850w units have done well.
i have a corsair gs 700 in my pc but im thinking of puting another gtx560 in (sli)
i already have my i52500k ocd to 4.8 and a ek dcp 4 running my loop do yous think im due an upgrade mebe to a 850w or will the 700 be suffice
You should be just fine with two GTX560s on that PSU.
They're only a 170w TDP.
I'm looking for a brand new and better power supply than mine for my PC(components in signature). Now I'm using a LOGIC 500W:chair: which came out with My case. I know, that this is a very bad PSU.:bang head

I was wondering about some Corsair PSU.:attn: I've readed this topic from the begining and i know, that they are good. But there are some series of that PSUs:shock::
AX, HX, TX, GS and CX.
My PC is not any high-end PC for games (which doesn't mean, that i'm not playing games on it :cool:), there is only 1 GPU. So i think, that 500W will be sure enough.:salute:

What are the differences between each series?:shrug: I can see, that AX and HX are Modular, but what else? If I'm not so often using full power of My PC do I need to buy the "top end" PSU?

I'm thinking about the GS500. Is it going to be enough? I think, that some note the differences between each series will be helpfull for other users of this forum too. :)
The 5750 has a TDP of 86w, your CPU has a TDP of 65w. I'd say that before overclocking you're probably using a whopping 150w or so at absolute full load.
Even if you OC the hell out of it you'll be under 300w.
As such, literally any Corsair PSU will work wonderfully for you.
If you aren't planning on adding a huge GPU any time soon I think I would get a CX430w, they're nice and inexpensive and more than capable of running your current components, or even reasonably upgraded components.
Bobnova Thanx for your answer.:thup: But i will take the GS500. In Poland with transport there is the cheapest i found CX430 for 210PLN and GS500 for 280PLN.:p I think, that i will take the GS, because in the future i hope i will change the CPU on some phenom, and overclock it:attn: (to use 1600Mhz memory) and GPU will be changet too. Meybe bigger or secound hard disk, SSD, some fans... Thats why i want to buy something, which will provide Me to upgrading and overclocking (not only CPU, but GPU too:cool:), Meybe i will use this PSU in the next PC? Who knows?:D I think, that Corsair GS500 will give me sure power for a long time...

But what are the differences between CXs, GSs and the others?
It looks like the difference between the CX and the GS is that the GS has LEDs in it.
The HX is higher efficiency, the TX is a HX with modular cables, and the AX is a very high efficiency unit with modular cables.
I might have HX and TX backwards.