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watercooling...my first time! be easy on me!

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Dec 22, 2000
Well, I got it built, and it is in testing phase at the moment...! I am letting it pump water for the night before I slap the components back into the case...
Here is a list of the components, I picked my own, made a piece or two, and built it from scratch.

-12"x5" Hayden Model 401 auto transmission cooler (nice and big!), get it at most auto parts stores for $29.00
-(2) 120mm fans mounted on cooler @85cfm each
-(2) LM217T voltage regulators for the fans
-BeCooling copper waterblock
-custom made reservoir using an automotive A/C drier bottle, with the top cut off and a cap welded into place, and 3/8" fittings mounted, brushed aluminum looks nice!
-Danner 350gph Mag Drive pump
-3/8" clear vinyl tubing
-distilled water with 10% Toyota brand antifreeze and 1oz "Redline Water Wetter"
-all components except waterblock are mounted into top section of a full tower case with 300w Sparkle p/s

I can't wait for tomorrow to pop my mobo and **** back in and try it out, hopefully my 1.0 Tbird will run 1.2 nicely...it did before but with 2.05v to it air cooling was a roadblock, ran too hot for extended gaming, even with an FOP38...this cpu is semi-marginal at 1.2, hopefully the drastic drop in temps will stabilize it.

-Image ATX full tower
-AMD 1.0ghz Tbird
-KT7 mobo with voltage mod (1 22Kohm resistor)
-256mb Kingmax pc150
-WD 20.5 and 15.3 ata66 7200rpm HD
-Plextor 8/4/32 CDRW
-AOpen 52x cdrom (for ripping mp3's)
-Creative GTS @210/375
-Creative SBLive
-SMC 10/100 nic
-(2)80mm 36cfm Sunons exhaust mode, in top of case
(1) 80mm Sunon 36cfm intake mode, in lower front
-Win2k Pro/Windows XP Beta2 dual boot (I am an offical MS Beta tester)

"If you aren't doing THAT to her, somebody else WILL..."
Glad to hear you got it all together. FWIW, water took my 1 gig Bird from 1243 mHz to 1292 mHz. Looking forward to hearing what it does for yours.
sounds like a sound system. Hope everything goes well. One question, are you using enough water wetter.