Get Fooled Again?

Got this question:

What I’m mostly interested in is whether the upcoming .13 micron AMD chips will work in [the A7V266-E], as I don’t really want to have to buy
another new board just to run one of the newer chips.

A very reasonable question and desire.

The short answer is: “Don’t buy ANY current motherboard on the assumption that you’ll be able to use it with .13 Thoroughbreds.”

Sorry, but AMD brought this on themselves. They have a history of obsoleting the previous generation of mobos with new products.

It’s not necessarily deliberate, sometimes changes have to be made to CPUs to get them to work that knock out motherboards that don’t have the enabling features.

The most recent example of this was Palomino. Those who bought early-generation KT133A (never mind KT133) boards were left out in the cold.

Now we have early-generation KT266A and nForce and SiS boards. Could history repeat itself? How lucky do you feel?

If you’re thinking about buying a motherboard, and it HAS to work with .13 micron Throughbreds, don’t buy.

Don’t settle for assurances that it “may work” or “should work.” You should only settle for the company making it saying in writing that it will work.

If some reseller or website or anybody else starts up with the “well, it should work,” make them accountable for their statements. Ask them, “if you’re wrong and it doesn’t work, will you buy me a new motherboard that does?”

If they say “No,” ask them why they’re BSing you.

If you get a “Yes,” have them put it in writing.

Rest assured, you’ll have no takers.

Nobody knows for sure at this point, and probably nobody is going to say it will work until these things are ready to come out.

In any case, by the time these come out, the boards built for this will probably use DDR333, so you’d probably want that anyway.

Don’t get fooled again.

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