hokiealumnus Benching LIVE, Monday, January 16th @ ~9:30AM EST

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Overclockers writer and Benching Team member hokiealumnus (HWBot profileauthor profile) , will be benching sub-zero Monday, January 16th at ~9:30 a.m. EST! (Preformatted, sorry; I don’t have a habit of talking in third-person.)

Tune in to Overclockers Live! at ~9:30 a.m. EST (plus or minus 15 minutes) for some overclocking with liquid nitrogen (LN2). I’ll be starting with Intel’s Sandy Bridge-E platform and (time & LN2 allowing) will move on to AMD’s FX platform afterwards pushing for maximum frequency.

Both will be performed on ASUS motherboards and a big shoutout goes to their team for helping publicize today’s day-long excursion.

System One

System Two

Benching will wind down whenever the LN2 runs out or around 4:30-5:00 p.m., whichever occurs first. I was preparing the hardware over the weekend, so there should be little (if any) prep required in the morning. Before leaving you, here’s a little preview of the setup.

Rampage IV Extreme + 7970 Prepped
Rampage IV Extreme + 7970 Prepped

Hope you can stop by and say hi!

Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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I'm an editor and writer here at Overclockers.com as well as a moderator at our beloved forums. I've been around the overclocking community for several years and just love to sink my teeth into any hardware I can get my paws on!


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  1. Will tune in for sure! Skipping school tomorrow. :thup:
    Could you please tell me the correct time for my timezone(GMT+2)?
    My calculations say 11:30AM, but then again - I suck at math. :shrug:
    Aww I thought this was today. Oh well.
    I should be able to show up from 11:30am pacific to 1:00PM pacific, that's my lunch break.
    Assuming I'm not busy reviewing or some such thing.
    Aww I thought this was today. Oh well.
    I should be able to show up from 11:30am pacific to 1:00PM pacific, that's my lunch break.
    Assuming I'm not busy reviewing or some such thing.

    Today would have been nice too, but unfortunately empty dewar is empty.
    I'll finally get to watch live instead of pre-recorded.
    Why aren't you using the 7970 with the amd rig?
    I know that the scores wouldn't be as good as on the intel, but it would be nice to see how different they are.
    In a word: time. For HWBot benching it is fruitless to use AMD for 3D benches. With limited time and LN2, I need to optimize benches-per-liter(-per-minute).

    Oh ok.
    Well I look forward to watching :)
    Will be glad to have you!
    Also, FWIW, that's the sort of thing you want to compare using ambient cooling. When you already know the answer, you don't want to waste LN2 reseaqrching a foregone conclusion.
    I will try to stop in for a while Jeremy. Hopefully it will be nice and productive just as the last livestream you did. Always enjoy watching and learning
    May I ask - what keyboard do you use on your benching setups?
    As you may know I've contacted Gigabyte regarding our POST problems on the 990FXA-D3 and your UD5 and they've told me I'm transferred to the correct department that will ask me for my keyboard so they can test with it.
    I figured out I could add yours too, since I've already let them know that I'm not the only one experiencing this problem.
    Blaming it on our keyboards is bogus, but I'll let them have their fun testing so they'll stop blaming it on both of my keyboards.
    Today was a very fun if only partially productive day. The 3960X was a massive fail on cold. Its 5.1GHz brick wall on water didn't move one MHz on LN2. So I just ran the Mini-Forum Wars benches and tore it down.
    (htpp = hardware team power points & ugp = user global points)
    3960X Benches
    SuperPi 1M: 7.375s - 2.1 htpp
    UC Bench: 1831.2 - 2.4 htpp
    WPrime 1024M - 100.999s - 2.0 htpp / 3.8 ugp
    3D Bonus Benches
    3DMark03: 158711 - 2.2 htpp / 16.7 ugp
    Heaven DX9: 4944.39 - 3.6 htpp
    Then I tortured the hell out of the FX-8150. I mean that quite literally. It wouldn't get above 7651MHz for validation. So I ran all the benches at the highest I could.....then made it scream. It was going to give me some more megahurtz or it was going to die trying.
    FX-8150 Benches
    SuperPi 1M: 11.468s - 5.4 htpp
    SuperPi 32M: 11:54.813 - 5.5 htpp
    PiFast: 21.36s - 6.1 htpp
    UC Bench: 1670 - 6.3 htpp
    WPrime 32M: 4.765s - 2.9 htpp / 9.3 ugp
    WPrime 1024M: 151.172s - 2.6 htpp
    CPUz: 7651.2MHz - 3.6 htpp / 18.9 ugp
    .....it died trying at 2.3V. RIP.
    Now pictures!
    3960X light freezing.

    FX-8150 all kinds of frozen.

    Cool frost formation.

    All in all a very fun day. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and watched!