How To Make A Fan Guard

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I will be showing you how to make a “Fan Guard” for protect your fingers by using only plastic and a super LED.

First, to begin you must prepare instrument and materials as show in table below. Then cut the plastic as your design and should fit with a fan. Next, super LED is added in side of the plastic.

Materials required:

  • Plastic – 0.5 Cm thick and 8X8 Cm square
  • Saw
  • Rasp
  • Soldering iron
  • Pencil, eraser
  • Super LED
  • Resister – 100 ohm
  • glue

After preparing everything, first you must sketch shape and size of a fan on the plastic using a pencil:


Design a hole of plastic so air can flow out:

Trace 1

This is my simple plastic design with 4 holes in each corner for mounting the fan:


The plastic after sawing and smoothing using the rasp:



A-e-e – Thailand

Check the position of the 4 holes to mount the plastic fan guard onto the fan. Next, the super LED is fitted into the plastic:


Drill a hole at the side of the plastic fan guard (same size as the LED) to insert the LED and use the glue to hold it in place. Before connecting the LED with a power supply, you must insert a 100 ohm resistor in series (note that LEDs come in various voltages):


Test by connecting a 5 V power supply line (be careful to ensure correct polarity!) – you will see a beautiful refractable light of the super LED in the plastic fan guard:


Use a nut to secure the plastic fan guard to the fan:


If powering the fan with only 7 volts, you can directly connect the new fan guard to the fan without the resistor.



We have a custom made fan guard that is not expensive (less than $2.50). Furthermore, we are proud in our product by our energy and idea. If you have good idea for design fan guard, please send it to me and I’ll show it on out website. Bye… now I am going to modify my new case.

A-e-e – Thailand


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