Intel C1 Questionaire

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Let’s see if there are ANY factors which make or break the drive for 3GHz. This is going to take a bit
more info than is asked for in our CPU database.

If you have a C1 stepping PIV, and only if you have a C1 stepping PIV, please answer the following:

1. What is your Intel PIV C1 CPU rated for?

2. What is its sspec (i.e. SL6LA)?

3. What is the maximum Prime 95-stable speed you can reach with it?

4. At what voltage do you reach that speed?

5. What is the FPO# on the CPU?

I need to know the FPO# to determine the week of manufacture. Please don’t give me the pack week, that will only hurt me doing this!

Here is where you can find the FPO number on the PIV retail box:


Here, the part of the FPO number that I want is 3239A510.

Here is where you can find the FPO number on the PIV CPU itself:


Here, the part of the FPO number I want is 7239A329.

Please give me the whole number as indicated above. If you can’t get the number, leave it blank.

6. What kind of cooling are you using for the CPU?

7. What kind of temperature do you get for the CPU when the CPU is under load?

8. What motherboard are you using?

9. What is the maximum FSB you can reach with the C1 chip on the motherboard? If you have tried multiple CPUs with the motherboard, have they reached different FSB speeds?

10. Are you providing any extra cooling on any of the motherboard bridges? If so, what are you using?



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