KT This, KT That . . .

XBit Labs has the latest Via naming games for the KT333. Still looks like KT333/333A to me.

This reminds me of two things:

Do They Work Or Don’t They, AMD? It’s the middle of February, maybe two months away, give or take a bit, from AMD coming out with Thoroughbred. We still don’t know what current mobos will or won’t work with it.

I went to a number of mobos sites today to see if mobo makers had anything new to say about this. Nope. With one possible exception, anything they’ve said about it gives them enough wiggle room for their lawyers to say “Well, we didn’t say it would work with Thoroughbreds.”

The only place that’s ventured at least a bit out on the limb has been Abit. They say the following about the KR7A series, “or future Socket A Processors based on 200/266 MHz.” That will be harder to wiggle out of, but then again, they were at least heavily hinting the same thing about the KT7As and Palominos.

I fail to see why this is so hush-hush. It’s not something Intel can take any advantage of. If the Thoroughbreds do work, it certainly would help mobo makers market their products. If they don’t, it will prevent alienated customers who are buying now assuming they’ll work. So why the secret?

We’re Heading Towards Dual DDR Days

It’s a little hard getting very excited over these boards at the moment when you don’t know whether DDR333 will even work right when you put a bunch of them together or whether current or near-future AMD chips will really get much advantage from them.

Elsewhere, the future seems to be dual-bank DDR. That looks to be the way the PIV will go, and Clawhammer looks likely to support that, too.

That doesn’t seem to be the Athlon’s fate, though, which might yield some unpleasant surprises come the middle of the year when Via is supposed to come out with dual-D for the PIV. May fizzle, too, but something to look for.

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