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Simple gasket can drop laptop temps – Joe

SUMMARY: Simple gasket can drop laptop temps.

The most common complaint about laptops is heat.

Not surprising considering the extremely small footprint for CPU coolers. One add-on that many laptop users purchase is a laptop cooler – we have reviewed many different models. Almost all use an active fan to cool the laptop’s back, where some heat is dissipated.

However, I think what’s more effective is to get airflow into the CPU/GPU vents directly – seems to me that’s where most of the heat originates and enhanced cooling should pay more dividends. Here’s a pic of my Asus laptop and the Jetart cooler I use:


Notice the disconnect? The laptop’s intake vents do not line up with the laptop cooler’s fans. This is OK for back cooling but not for enhancing airflow into the CPU/GPU fans.

Necessity being the mother of invention, I cut some foam to make a gasket, the purpose of which is to form a plenum so that airflow goes into the fans’ intake vents. I used double sided tape to affix the foam gasket to the laptop cooler:



I was able to knock 2ºC with the simple gasket mod. The big “DUH!” – make sure if you do this that the gasket DOES NOT cover the intake vents! A very simple way to make sure – turn on the laptop cooler’s fans and feel for airflow coming out of the vents – if you don’t smoke¹, wet your lips and almost kiss the exit vent – you’ll feel the airflow.

¹For smokers: Place the cigarette tip by the exit vent and watch the smoke.

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