Looking At The Little Ones

I’d like to bring your attention to this page.

The CPU Database is being changed, most notably, it’s going to be required from now to register an account to access many of its functions.

Why is that? Essentially, because you can’t have freedom without accountability.

Ever since the database was started, those handling the database have had to deal with a flood of little turds throwing in garbage entries. It’s the equivalent of people finding an unwatched restroom and defecating on the floor.

And over the years, those responsible could certainly testify that a lot of people (no, they don’t deserve the term) somethings haven’t been toilet-trained.

So many, in fact, that when someone couldn’t show up for a while to clean up the dumps regularly, the place turned into an outhouse.

If you’ve put in an entry over the past few months, we’re sorry, but we’ll probably ask you to do again shortly.

If you want to look in the future, and you feel a bit inconvenienced by it, sorry, but we’re trying to keep the defecating down.

If you happen to have some choice words for the defecators, well, I’d like to hear them, just send me a note, maybe we’ll make an article from it.

And finally, to the defecators: A vicious turd is still a turd. It just gets flushed away faster. I don’t know what your problem is, just that you have one, and that people who think freedom is the freedom to f everyone eventually end up not having any freedom at all for rather long periods of time.


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