Ever wonder why, every once in a while, some strange people come out and claim Macintoshes are two or three or more times faster than your PC. No, it’s not a full moon, it’s just MacWorld.

This time around, it was in Toyko, and Guru Jobs wore a suit and tie. This sort of thing is bigger news in MacLand than new processors.

The only item we would consider news would be that the GeForce3 would not be available as a $350 upgrade over an MX for PowerMacs ($450 for the cheapy $1,700 without monitor version).

Well, at least the newlyweds are compatible in their pricing strategy. 🙂

I’m sure that’s good news for Mac gamers, but unfortunately, so long as the max Mhz is only 733Mhz, doubt the card will get pushed to its maximum potential.

Of course, performance doesn’t matter, it’s the color of the case that counts! Well, they have new multicolor ones. That is huge news in Macdom. This is how you fix your sales tanking.

If you have ever doubted that the average Mac user is an aging corporate sellout who thinks buying a Mac makes him a groovy hippie, you won’t after seeing the pictures here. I thought I was going to start singing Partridge Family songs after seeing these. I’ve seen better graffiti.

I’m sure there are sane Mac users out there, maybe even most of them are, but when the company acts like you’re brainless kooks, makes the rest of us wonder. Ed

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