My Airduct Experience

An airduct dropped CPU temps 10C.–Jocke Sedell


After purchasing a new ATX case and a new 60mm YS.TECH for the no-name
CPU heat sink the Tbird 900@1000 still reaches 52 deg. Celsius during full workload.

Adding another two 60×7 fans in the front of the case and one no-name 80×20 in the back
of the case did not reduce the CPU temperature.


Air temperature in the case is too high for effective CPU cooling.


After Internet research, concluded an air-duct should solve the problem. By placing an airduct from outside the case to a position over the CPU-fan, the CPU-fan will then blow cooler room-temperature air onto the heatsink and thus cool the CPU more.


  • Use a pencil and a folding-rule to mark out a rectangle on the left side of the case.

  • Use your drill to drill a hole large enough for the jigsaw and cut-out the rectangle.
  • Take a piece of board and use a scissor to create a tube, using duct-tape to hold it
    together and to fasten it to the inside of the case.


    Temperature before Modification:
    Case: 32
    CPU: 52
    Ambient: 23

    Temperature after Modification:
    Case: 30
    CPU: 42
    Ambient: 23

    This modification dropped the CPU temperature by 10 deg. Celsius under full load at no additional cost or other negatives besides the CPU-fan being is bit louder.


    Jocke Sedell

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