North American GO OC 2010 – And The Winner Is…

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Just a quick note from the community here, as some of our own deserve some recognition for a great showing over the weekend! Congratulations Sno.lcn (Jeremy Clifton) on taking first place, and to Ross on his third place finish! As the first place winner, Sno.lcn takes home a round trip flight and accomodations for the final GO OC 2010 event, and both take home a pretty nice system build by iBuypower.

Readers can view the final standing for themselves, and the gear used by all participants is listed here. We had announced GO OC 2010’s regional North American qualifier a couple weeks back thanks to sno.lcn who took the time to write up a short announcement for us.

Congrats also to Mikeguava who pulled down 2nd place, and thanks to all who made the trip and gave it their best – looking at the participant list, its great to see half the folks in attendance have been around OC Forums for years in the mix making us proud!

View photos of the event on Flickr. Wish Sno.lcn luck in the world finals in the comments below, and look forward to further details and coverage here on as the competition continues!


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HELL YES! Congrats Sno!

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congrats once again, sure is nice to see our guys making some waves in the real world.

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Congrats Sno.Inc and Ross well done!

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well done lads looked busy in that room

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Congrats again guys.

Can't help but point out that this is the 3rd year in a row it's been won by an OCF member!
Ross in 2008
Miah in 2009
And now
Jeremy in 2010

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Well done guys :)

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Wow Dean, great addition there! I knew we had some guys who had won it before, but didn't realize this was the 3rd year in a row!

Great work guys!

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Congrats again Jeremy:clap:

OCF Rules again :salute:

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Thanks everyone. It was an insanely tough competition and so much fun!

Hicookie posted this at XS, it's the scores for the top two winners.

congrats to 2 winners will attend the GOOC 2010 final in Taipei

screenshots from winners


Pifast 14.22

wprime 2.875

Super Pi 8m 1'19.046

MaxMEM 23256 MB/s memory - read


Pifast 14.25

Wprime 2.718

Super Pi 8m 1'19.828

MaxMEM 24297 MB/s memory - read

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