Nvidia Releases WHQL Fermi Drivers

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Image courtesy: Nvidia Corp.
Image courtesy: Nvidia Corp.

Precisely two weeks after the official launch of its new series of graphics cards, Nvidia has released WHQL-certified drivers for Fermi cards. The new drivers, certified by Windows Hardware Quality Labs, include support for GTX480 and GTX470 products and are available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.  The download package also includes audio drivers for the onboard audio chip, to enable audio over HDMI, and the latest version of Nvidia’s PhysX software.

The only piece still missing from the Fermi puzzle is product availability. Retailers and e-tailers are still patiently awaiting delivery of the products from Nvidia’s add-in-board partners. Volume availability is expected to begin during the week of April 12th. People wishing to buy a new 400-series cards should keep an eye out and a hand on their credit cards as quantities are believed to be very limited and the first shipments will most likely sell in a matter of minutes.

Download Nvidia 197. 41 WHQL drivers: Nvidia Driver Downloads


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5up3r m0d3r4t0r

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Fermi has been in stock at NewEgg since yesterday :p (NewEgg is listing as "in stock" anyways)

Btw, I'm liking your short & sweet news articles that you've been posting recently. Good job!

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Overclockers.com Reporter

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Yeah, cards began coming "in stock" a little after I wrote the story. The supplies are truly expected to be very limited though, so people wishing to get one shouldn't wait.

Thanks for your support, Matt! I try to come up with only the very best news for you guys! :)

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