Nvidia Turns Its Back on XFX

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Fudzilla has confirmed that XFX will not have any Fermi cards at launch.  The manufacturer is apparently being punished for their decision to start selling ATI based cards last year.  From the article:

Nvidia refuses to see that this might be a bad thing for the whole company as XFX has a very loyal fan base who will probably start standing up for themselves when they realize they won’t get a decent launch quantity of these cards.

In the meantime, XFX’s answer to Nvidia’s cut-out deal is bringing the fastest ever Radeon HD 5970 X2 cards with super specs, and we will try to get as many details as we can.

Continue on to Fudzilla to read the rest.


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That's pretty messed up. I've been meaning to give XFX a try since I've heard good things about their support and warranty experience.

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El Kido


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Bad business move on Nvidia. Whose their only supporter now? EVGA. all i can say is lol

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If I was XFX I would say good riddance, now eVGa can deal with the record amounts of rma's these cards will generate.

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LOL EVGA will sell pig **** in a sheep's blanket. (they don't, they make fine products... just saying.. EVGA is nVidias Sapphire)

But they will guarantee it out the wazoo. Dunno where their money comes from it certainly aint selling nvidia products.
Or maybe it is?

Whatever. I believe the earlier reports that XFX would not support a double lifetime guarantee on a product hat was doomed to repeat the 7900 series.

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Probably a smart move by XFX for now.

The OEMs selling Geforce Fermi's are going to be getting a lot of returns of cards overheating and melting me thinks. Summer + Fermi = Volcano :shock:

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Senior Headphone Guru

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I've been an XFX brand loyalist since the TNT/2 days.

This really hurts, as I'm also an Nvidia loyalist as well. But, I'm not in the market for a new GPU so I"ll likely just be happy with being patient until i'm ready for a new card and see what XFX has from Nvidia at the time.

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"The Expert"

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Hey I think it is bad news. I like XFX and their nVidia line I just need to wait for an efficent 4XX GPU for folding.

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Since when does Fudzilla count as confirmation?
Last time i checked their believability index was on par with pre-fermi Semiaccurate.

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Get Leet Msi 470/480 Twin Frozr when they come out! It will surely keep this baby under 85 degree under load ;)

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Wow... to think of this. I remember my 1st video card was a XFX MX 4000, and that's a long way back. I don't think just because they decided to expand business with ATi nVidia would turn their back on them, there must be something else.

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