OK, A Near-Miss . . .

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We openly wondered the other day, whether AMD was going to miss the boat responding to Santa Clara.

Well, they did kinda announced a response.

The key phrase is that these new notebooks “will be available later this quarter in designs from leading computer manufacturers.”

One of those “leading computer manufacturers” appears to be Dell with two Latitude models. No date, no prices.

Unfortunately, “later this quarter” is unlikely to be “on or before May 9,” so Intel will get the publicity and a headstart. Looks like a near-miss for AMD.

A price cut would blunt that headstart a bit, but no word yet on any price cuts for AMD mobile CPUs, old or new, though that probably won’t come until next week, probably a little before May 9, Santa Rosa day.

(It should be said that the initial Santa Rosas are going to be pretty much business machines. SR notebooks with some gaming oomph won’t generally show up until around July, so what may be a near miss for the products themselves might not be a miss at all for you.)

The next few months ought to be lively ones for the notebook market. You’ll have even more product lines competing against each other, with some downward pressure on prices.



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