Prescott 3.4GHz

There are reviews out there for PIV 3.4s and the EEs.

They do a little better than the earlier Prescotts and EEs. Nothing to write home about.

Nonetheless, if you buy a 3.4 PressHot, it ought to get you hot and bothered, simply because they’re hot, and you should be bothered by that.

Those who have tested are reporting harrowing temperatures approaching 70C, and even exceeding it when overclocked.

That can cause third-degree burns in seconds.

Intel’s Solution

Intel has been feverishly working on advanced cooling solutions for the Prescott generation of processors. Like so many other things Intel has been doing lately, it’s dual-purpose.
Here’s one that will keep Prescott at near room temperature without even a fan. (It is kind of big, though.)

The original article that goes along with the picture is here

OK, that’s all joke, but the real ones coming along for socket T systems are supposed to be humongous.

Trying To Be Fair

Whenever I criticize something, it’s pretty sure that someone will write me saying that I’m not “being fair” or presenting “both sides.”

OK, to be fair, here is what PressHot is too cold to do:

  • Boil water
  • Fry eggs
  • Melt solder
  • Burn paper
  • Melt lead
  • Weld steel
  • Trigger fusion reactions

    It is also almost 400°C colder than the surface of Venus, and over 5400°C colder than the surface of the Sun!

    This is one cool customer we’re talking about!

    OK? 🙂




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