Overclockers.com Rosetta Team Contest March 2011

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Come One! Come All!

We’re on the move! The Overclockers.com Rosetta Team is on the verge of taking 3rd Place in the World in overall production, and 19th place in total points! Not to be outdone, “The Knights who Say Ni” (a team we’re about to overtake) have picked up production with the intent of staving off our attack and posted a taunt in our forums! The Knights have alot of power and if they decide to really put the pedal to the metal there’s a good chance they might beat us there.  I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m not going to take that lying down. As such, I’m announcing the first Rosetta Team Event of 2011 with the aim of increasing production to the point where they have no hope of catching up to us!

This will be a race to 15th place and The OCF Rosetta Team needs YOU! At our current production this will take just over 130 days. Based on production increases during previous Rosetta Team events, I’ll wager we cut that time in half at a minimum! Make no mistake, this is about team pride, but it’s also about good natured competition in the name science and finding a cure. The more people and the more production, the more science gets done, so enlist every man, woman and child with a PC and spare CPU cycles and get ’em signed up and crunching!


Biostar USA have graciously provided us with two excellent motherboards to give away – a TA870U3+ and a TP67B+.  In addition to these, we will be giving away a bi-weekly prize until our goal is reached, and bonus prizes will be unlocked as Event Goals are reached. All of the details will be kept up to date in the Status Thread.

Biostar TA870U3+
Biostar TA870U3+

Biostar TP67B+
Biostar TP67B+

To Get Started


  • If not, then you’re going to need to download the client to your computer(s). Need help? Check out the Rosetta Sticky. If you still need help, then post a comment below or start a thread in the Rosetta Team Forum.
  • If so, then connect to the Rosetta Project, pick Overclockers.com as your team and you’re ready to rock n’ roll!

Sign Up!

Come on over to the sign up thread and get yourself registered! You must be registered and actively crunching Rosetta under Team Overclockers.com to participate in the contest and to be eligible for the prize draws.

The event has already begun as of Monday, February 21st, so hurry to register and get crunching! Also, don’t forget to follow along in the Status Thread.


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