Overclocking Raptors: Rapture or Torture?

I’ve been running a pair of WD360GDs, commonly known as “Raptors.” These are the 10,000 rpm IDE drives Western Digital. I have them in a RAID configuration.

What I have found is that these things don’t want to overclock at all.

If I run the system with a fixed PCI speed of 33MHz, no problem.

If I choose to overclock the AGP/PCI bus by choosing any other option, forget about it. They just won’t work. Even if I try to overclock the PCI bus just one MHz using an 8:2:1 ratio, the system will tell me my RAID configuration no longer exists.

Is anybody else running into this problem with Raptors or with SATA drives in general? If you have, please send me a note telling me of your experience.

This is happening with the drives hooked into the ICH5 chip of the Canterwood, but no matter how or on what you’ve hooked up hard drives to a SATA interface, I’d like to hear from you.

Please don’t write me if you’re using a fixed AGP/PCI ratio; I know that works.

Please also don’t try doing this the first time for me. I don’t want people possibly trashing their hard drives for me, either.



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