Overclocking with the A7V

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I got a Duron 650 and an ASUS A7V (without Audio) yesterday. And yes, the A7V has the extra DIP switches. The Duron is not locked (all the L1 bridges where closed).

So I installed the board, Duron and an OEM heatsink/fan and got to work.

Everything set to default worked great..

Ok, now to the dip switches.. tried a few setting and set it at 950.. No go.. OK, up the voltage.

Set it back to 650, go to the bios and up the voltage to 1.70.

Shutdown, set it back to 950.. Nope, just beeps.. OK, tuned it to 850 and started it again.

Nope.. Hmm, strange, back to 650 and into the BIOS.. damn, the Voltage reset itself.

OK, screw this.. I set the voltage via the MB jumpers.

I go for the highest voltage setting (1.825/1.85) according to the manual.

Set the dip switches for 950.. Cool, it boots no problem.

I check the voltage and temp. Hmm, 65 celcius and a lot more valtage then it should be.. like 1.97.

Well, to make a long story short, the voltage jumpers seem to give about .1 more volts then it says in the manual. Right now I am running it at 1.84 (according to the BIOS & Software Monitor) and at 850MHz. Temp is at 56C (measured between the Heatsink & CPU).

It’s been rock solid for 12 hours (running Prime95).

I will go for 900 today and see how hot it gets. I will be ordering a better cooler for it on monday and see how high I can get it.
Nothing had to be done with the CPU.. Everything worked great just with the DIP switches!
I’ll let you know what happens once I get better cooling..

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