Panasonic Does What Andy Groves Says

The other day, we had an article about batteries and Andy Grove’s suggestion that Intel get into the business.  Well, we have very exciting battery news today!

I see, the thrill is gone.  Oh, it was never there?  Oh, it’s a rule of English grammar that “exciting” and “battery” should never be found in the same sentence without including some version of the word “explode?”

Never mind.  Here’s some boring battery news: Panasonic has finalized a deal to take over the leading manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, Sanyo, and will now control half the market for them.  Sanyo also is a major producer of solar batteries.  If you’re thinking “Fuel cells are the wave of the future,” well, Panasonic already does that. 

Seems like Panasonic is trying to cover all the angles and become the Intel of battery and battery substitute technology.  Maybe what Grove should start suggesting is that the Intel of the computer industry set up an arrangement in which the two biggies start working together in whatever areas yield joint benefits for the two, or just keep each other aware of what the other is doing.  That would benefit everyone. 


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