PNY Launches High Endurance SSDs for CHIA Plotting

PNY LX3030 LX2030
PNY LX3030 LX2030

Last night, PNY launched the LX2030 and LX3030 series of high endurance M.2 NVMe SSDs geared towards the emerging cryptocurrency CHIA (XCH). Offering a TBW (Terabytes Written) rating of up to 54,000, the LX2030 and LX3030 are ideal for CHIA’s “Proof of Space and Time” plotting method. Both models are currently available on PNY’s website, though prices are not available at this time. Here is PNY’s official press release.

PNY LX2030 and LX3030 M.2 NVMe Gen3 x4 Solid State DrivesMore Endurance for YourChia®Plotting Needs

Parsippany, New Jersey, July 15, 2021 – PNY announced today the launch of the LX2030 andLX3030lineof ultra high endurance SSDsto the company’s assortment of solid state drives. ThenewLXfamiliesof SSDs offer ever higher levels of endurance designed for “proof of space and time” applications like Chia (XCH) Plotting.

PNY LX3030 LX2030
PNY LX3030 LX2030

Designed for Plotting

The PNY LX2030 and LX3030 M.2 NVMe SSDs are the ideal solution for “proof of space and time” applications like plotting ChiaCoin. Unlike “proof of work” models like bitcoin which consume large amounts of power by requiring the miners to do complex mathematical calculations, “proof of space and time” applications utilize the unused space on a user’s systems, making it a more energy efficient and environmentally conscious model. To secure the blockchain, the data needs to be first created in a process called“plotting”, which is only required once per plot file. This process is write intensive, so a desirable SSD for plotting has high sustained write bandwidth and endurance (TBW, or terabytes written). Typically this level of write performance and endurance was only seen on enterprise class SSDs.

PNY LX3030
PNY LX3030

PNY LX2030
PNY LX2030

Lifextension Technology

The PNY family of LX drives take advantage of Lifextension technology to offer aChia plottingTBW rating of up to 54,000 in the LX3030 2TB. To deliver such a highPlotting TBW, the LXseriesof PNY SSDs utilize an advanced AI Engine, LDPC and Flash I/F to improve NANDendurance, making them the best unit cost for plotting. Without sacrifice, you are able to take full advantage of Lifextension technology and the up to 18X better endurance by adding an LX drive to your system.

PNY LX3030
PNY LX3030

PNY LX2030
PNY LX2030

Statement From CHIA Team

“I’m very excited that PNY has partnered with Phison to deliver the first SSD for Chia plotting. The LX3030 is tuned for the Chia plotting workload, which requires a high amount of sustained bandwidth. Users can be at ease knowing they won’t wear out the drive easily-the LX3030 1TB can create 2PB of plots before wearing out! All of this in an M.2 80mm form factor for broad compatibility. The entry LX2030 will be great for small form factor systems and 4-6 core desktops and laptops, like the NUC build.” Jon michael Hands, VP Storage BusinessDevelopment at Chia

Engineered to Perform

The PNY LX2030 and LX3030 are engineered with the precision and quality our customers have enjoyed with the CS families of SSDs. We’ve taken the most advanced NAND flash and refined the LX family of SSDs to achieve a higher threshold for endurance and reliability. PNY’sextensive testing and rigorous validation process ensures compatibility across various platforms and multiple operating systems.

LX SSD Product Specification

  • ChiaPlotting TBW:
    • LX3030 2TB: 54,000
    • LX3030 1TB: 27,000
    • LX2030 2TB: 10,000
  • Chia Plotting Read and Write Performance
    • LX3030-Read: 3,200MB/s&Write: 2,400MB/s
    • LX2030-Read: 3,200MB/s&Write:1,000MB/s
  • Form Factor: M.2 2280

Product Availability

PNY LX2030 and LX3030 M.2 NVMe Gen3 x4 SSDs are available immediately; Contact a PNYaccount manager for details or through

-John Nester (Blaylock)

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