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AMD has released the long awaited dual-GPU monster, dubbed, the AMD Pro Duo. The Radeon Pro Duo graphics card is aimed at, “all aspects of VR content creation; including, entertainment, education, journalism, medicine and cinema. With 16 teraflops of compute performance, the Radeon Pro Duo offers a complete solution for the VR developer by helping to bring tomorrow’s VR content to market in record time.” Designed for creators and gamers alike, the card consists of dual Fiji-based GPUs, 8GB HBM Memory, FireRender technology, and is powered by Liquid VR. AMD’s wish for this card is to provide a powerful platform when used in conjunction with Liquid VR to create VR content. A byproduct of having such a powerful card is that it can also game with the best of them.

AMD Radeon Pro Duo
AMD Radeon Pro Duo

Here are some additional pictures of the Pro Duo:

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Specifications wise, you are looking at 2x 4096 Stream Processors, 2x 256 Texture Units, and 2x 64 ROPs, same as the mighty Fury X, but times two! The difference comes in clockspeeds and power management. The core clock comes in at 1000 MHz boost (vs. 1050 for a full Fury X) with the HBM memory coming in at dual 4096 bit at speeds of 500 MHz and up to 1024GB/s bandwidth. Looking at the table below (sourced from the AMD press deck) the card has a typical board power of 350W.


It looks to be a monster for both creation and gaming. Sadly, Overclockers.com will not get our hands on one (we typically do not cover VR creation). AMD has their own slides (below) on performance. There have been some other, 3rd party, leaked results found in THIS THREAD (post #20) in our forums. Here is what AMD has to say about the card including some gaming performance:

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You can find the Radeon Pro Duo for $1499 at this time. The price of two Fury X’s come in around $1000. So in essence, you are paying around $500 for the single GPU sandwich. Hopefully in the future we can get our hands on one and see what how it games firsthand. For now, keep your eyes peeled on our thread for updates!

Joe Shields (Earthdog)


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  1. Alaric
    The fastest card on the market and it's a waste of money for gamers. :facepalm:

    The only thing it is, is the fastest single-card/slot solution. that is beaten by 980tis in SLI is most cases or effectively ties Nanos in xfire. Thus allowing you to save somewhere in the realm of 3-500 dollars.