RocketDock – Better Than The Taskbar

RocketDock is what the Windows Taskbar should have been.

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Leave it to the freeware community to write software that M$ should have incorporated into XP and even do a better job. Mac users have been using a dock such as this and why let the MacFanatics have all the fun. RocketDock is a small 6 GB download, is easy to install and the number of widely available accessories you can add in are staggering – Google RocketDock and you can access tons of additional goodies.


Screen Shots


After installing you can customize RocketDock in about as many ways as you can imagine. The General screen takes care of the basics:



You can set the icon’s parameters to fit exactly how you want them to behave:



Positioning the dock – lots of options; there are also add-ons available which allow further customization:



The theme can be varied to your liking and as well there are tons of themes and skins available from other sources:



Finally more effects:



One of the things I particularly like with RocketDock is that when you minimize a window, it shows up on the dock; mouse over it and you get a legible thumbnail of what’s there and click on it to open – very handy when you have multiple windows.

Overall this is worth your time to give it a try – it can change your PC experience for the better – a very nice job!


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