Rumor: AMD FX-8350 -Piledriver- to Launch in Q3

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According to the website, AMD is preparing Piledriver CPUs sometime in August. This is welcome news for AMD fans who have pretty much despaired since Bulldozer debuted last year. It wasn’t a bad CPU per se’, but compared with Ivy Bridge, it’s just not competitive.

Which brings us to Piledriver. According to AMD’s roadmap from last October, Piledriver is supposed to gain “~10-15%” over Bulldozer, and that will be a very welcome performance boost.

Core Roadmap - Big Machinery!
Core Roadmap - Big Machinery!

I can’t really say it any better than Hexus, so I’ll let them take it away.

The Zambezi range will remain socket AM3+ compatible, with the head of the pack expected to be the FX-8350, which will feature eight cores with a 4 x 2MB L2 and 8MB L3 cache configuration. As it’s likely to feature a 125 watt TDP, we expect the FX-8350 to be clocked 10 per cent (sic) faster than its FX-8150 predecessor and, with tweaks to the Piledriver design offering around a six per cent (sic) performance boost over Bulldozer at the same clock, according to early benchmarks of Trinity, the FX-8350 may just have enough *umph* to successfully break AMD out of its performance slump.


They don’t say where they got this slide, but it shows some of the improvements AMD is making with the Piledriver core.

Piledriver Improvements - Image Courtesy
Piledriver Improvements - Image Courtesy

Here’s hoping AMD makes it back into the mainstream performance game. They’ve already said they’re not looking to compete on the ultra high end, letting Intel keep the kilo-buck CPU market. Hopefully they can bring back some of their mainstream glory though, else we’re all in trouble; not so much for AMD’s sake, but for the consumer market as a whole. Competition drives innovation – and lower prices. Without competition, Intel can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Let’s see what you’ve got AMD. It’s time to bring your A game!

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