Samsung Releases 860 QVO SSD: Multi-Terabyte Storage Capacity At Reasonable Prices

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Today, Samsung has unveiled a new consumer solid state drive (SSD) lineup – the Samsung 860 QVO SSD. The new SSD features capacity of up to 4 terabytes (TB) with speeds reaching 550/520 MB/s reads and writes, respectively. The drives are built using their own high-density 4-bit multi-level cell (QLC) NAND flash. Samsung has developed these drives to have higher capacity SSDs be more accessible to the masses (read: less expensive).

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The drives are priced at $149.99, $299.99, and $599.99 for the 1, 2, and 4TB models with pricing rivaling that of less expensive drives TLC drives without DRAM cache, while the 860 QVO includes a full-size LPDDR4 DRAM cache. Controlling the NAND is Samsung’s MJX controller which designed performance around the analysis of consumer SSD usage patterns. According to Samsung, this yields a reliable drive and sports a three-year limited warranty. Write length is up to 1440 terabytes written (TBW) for the 4 TB version and 720/360 TBW for the 2/1TB drives.

Samsung 860 QVO Specifications
Capacity1 TB2 TB4 TB
Form Factor2.5″ 7mm SATA
ControllerSamsung MJX23297843
NAND Flash TypeSamsung 1Tb 64 Layer 3D QLC
Sequential Read550 MB/s
Sequential Writes
(SLC Cache / QLC – MB/s)
520 / 80520 / 160520 / 160
Warranty3 Years
Write Endurance360 TB720 TB14440 TB

The 860 QVO and its new QLC flash will be available on December 16th 2018.

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