Senfu Super Box and Overclocker’s Case

The Senfu “Super Box” is a neat idea for the storage challenged among us. Maybe someone else has done this but I have not seen one around. As you can see from the picture below, the “Super Box” is a drawer designed to mount in a 5.25″ bay. Pop off the face plate and mount as you would a CD ROM. There’s enough space to put in a bunch of CDs, floppies, jelly beans, screws etc. There are two partitions that are removable so you can set the drawer up with 3 sections or one big one. I don’t know of anyone carrying this yet, but I’m sure you will see it around shortly.

Super Box

The second item is a very minimalist “Overclocking DIY House.” This is a computer case in the barest sense of the term – basically it is a cage with space for a motherboard and related components. As the picture shows, it comes as a kit; assembly requires a smooth-jawed wrench and a pair of pliers. Grasp the tubes with the wrench and twist the connectors to fit inside the tube. Simple. Just make sure you do the long sides first, then loosely fit the connecting sides and twist the side tight. The instructions are like the case – minimalist.

OC Case Kit

Included in the kit are the usual connecting pieces – power switch, reset, diodes etc.

OC Case Pieces

As this picture shows, the “case” can fit the required components. It also includes a plastic cover to keep the dust off when not in use. Each floor is clear plastic and includes a foam underlayment for the motherboard. I think it would be more secure if you substituted ¼” plywood rather than the plastic. You could then cut it more to what you might need and screw the motherboard more securely into its backing.

OC Case Assembled

If you build a lot of systems, this “case” comes in handy; I usually wind up using the motherboard’s box as a platform to test out the board and components before mounting in a case, so this is kind of nice. If you leave the side off your case, why not go all the way and go “al fresco”?

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